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With over 18 years experience, Alamo Floor Sanding is a trusted and professional one stop shop for all of your floor sanding, polishing and staining requirements.

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Floor Sanding Services by Alamo Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding Services

Specialising in Oil, Water and Polyurethane based finishes. You can spare yourself from all the hassles by hiring Sydney floor sanding services that offer excellent results at a price you can afford.

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Floorboard Sanding Sydney

Floor polishing can only do so much and eventually you floor boards will need to be sanded back to achieve the desired results. Although you have the option of hiring out a sanding machine without the proper training you can do more damage the good. By leaving the work to professionals like Alamo Floor Sanding you can ensure that the end result is a beautiful wooden floor that looks new.

Our team of experienced floor sanders is equipped with the latest sanding machines including the drum floor sander and the edge floor sander.

What we do

Before sanding your floor we need to make sure that your floors are perfectly cleaned as loose stones and debris can actually lead to new scratches on the floor. Any holes in the floor need to be filled and any loose planks will be tightened to ensure that there are no height differences between blocks to avoid uneven sanding between boards.

Once the floor has been prepared properly the sanding begins in a straight line from the farthest corner of the room to the opposite point when the opposite end is reached the machine is turned around and the procedure is repeated. Once the main area of the floor has been completed we then use the edge floor sander to sand down the corners edges and other hard to reach places. After the use of the sanding machine, we further enhance the results by using smaller, portable sanding equipment for the corners and tight spots.We are also aware that some floors have multiple coats of sealants on them an will need more sanding to remove the damaged layer of floor boards.

We often recommend that you also take this opportunity to re-stain your floors to help bring back its original look.

We offer no less than the highest standards of workmanship and the finest finishes to all our projects, be it for homes, offices, shops, restaurants or large halls.

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