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Alamo Floor Sanding & Polishing

With over 18 years experience, Alamo Floor Sanding is a trusted and professional one stop shop for all of your floor sanding, polishing and staining requirements.

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Floor Sanding Services by Alamo Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding Services

Specialising in Oil, Water and Polyurethane based finishes. You can spare yourself from all the hassles by hiring Sydney floor sanding services that offer excellent results at a price you can afford.

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Wooden Floors - Tips & Maintenance

  • Small carpets or runners should be placed in high traffic areas where the floor is most likely to get scratched, worn out or wet. However it’s recommended you wait approximately two weeks before laying down any carpet.

  • Matts should be placed at entrances so grit and dirt can be cleaned before entering, preventing it to be dragged along scratching your floors. Inspecting your shoes before walking on your floors will minimise this also.

  • Apply protective felt pads to the bottom of all tables, chairs or anything that might scratch your beautiful new floors when moved/dragged.

  • Clean your floors regularly to avoid dirt build-up which can damage the floor when dragged under shoes or clothes.

  • Clean any liquid that spills on your floors immediately and do not allow them to be soaked up by the timber.

  • If using a vacuum cleaner it’s highly recommended that it has long brushes so the metal/plastic of the vacuum head do not scratch the floor when being dragged. If not anti-static mops are a good option.

  • To provide the best maintenance for your floors, it’s recommended you periodically recoat your floors to keep them in pristine condition. By recoating once the floor is showing major signs of wear you ultimately preserve the condition of the wood. Wood that has been stained or scratched dramatically cannot be recoated and will need to be re-sanded to look good.

  • There are general maintenance products and waxes which can be used to extend the life of your floors, however you must check beforehand to see if they are appropriate for your type of finish (ie. Water based polyurethane, oil etc).

  • Women should take extra care when walking with pointy high heels as they can leave little dents in the timber. A newly sanded floor is more prone to damage.