Alamo Floor Sanding & Polishing

Alamo Floor Sanding & Polishing

With over 18 years experience, Alamo Floor Sanding is a trusted and professional one stop shop for all of your floor sanding, polishing and staining requirements.

Floor Polishing Services

Floor Sanding Services by Alamo Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding Services

Specialising in Oil, Water and Polyurethane based finishes. You can spare yourself from all the hassles by hiring Sydney floor sanding services that offer excellent results at a price you can afford.

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FAQ - Floor Polishing & Sanding

How long until I can move back into my stunning new floor?

Generally, after the last coat is applied it will take 24-48 hours for the coat to dry. However at this point the floor is just touch dry and it’s not recommended you place any heavy items on the floor. Its best to allow at least 3 days so the coat has completely hardened making it safer for you to put heavy items without the risk of damaging the floor.

Are you licenced?

Yes we are fully licenced and insured and have all the necessary equipment and knowledge to transform your floors into a masterpiece.

I have other renovations running in my house at the same time and don’t know when I should sand my floors?

Tradesmen and other workers have a tendency to ruin floors after they are finished, so for best results its recommended you wait until all major works are completed in your house/building so you minimise the risk of scratching your new floors. All painting should be finished except for the last coat on your skirting boards.

How can I minimize dust?

At Alamo, we use the latest and most advanced dust-free floor sanding equipment available, however due to the nature of floor sanding it’s impossible to completely avoid sawdust. By covering your furniture with drop sheets or plastic it will drastically minimise the dust getting into your furniture.

I don’t know what finish is best for me?

Picking the right finish might seem like a daunting task, that’s why at Alamo we have acquired the experience to minimise your hassles. Our qualified experts will assist you in making all the right decisions when picking the right finish for your floors. Call us now on 0403082909 to discuss what finish is best for you

I don’t like the colour of my floor, what can I do?

The great thing about wooden floors is that you can stain them. By staining you are generally darkening the colour of the timber which can be used to create stunning finishes such as our highly popular chocolate finish, which at the same time can be used to hide any imperfections that might exist in your floors. Liming on the other hand is a form of stain which actually whitens the colour of your floor, creating a white milky effect. With all forms of staining there is a high level of expertise required to get the right level of consistency and perfection that we at Alamo floor sanding pride ourselves with.

I want to replace my current timber or add new timber to a floor, can you help me?

We pride ourselves in just sanding and polishing timber floors however we can point you in the right direction so you make the right choice when selecting a timber floor installer.

My floor is damaged, what can I do?

If the damage is extensive, it’s best to get it repaired by a carpenter prior to sanding the whole floor. However we have the tools and experience to complete minor repairs at an affordable price. For the best advice it’s recommended to call us on 0403082909 to see what we can do for you.