Alamo Floor Sanding & Polishing

Alamo Floor Sanding & Polishing

With over 18 years experience, Alamo Floor Sanding is a trusted and professional one stop shop for all of your floor sanding, polishing and staining requirements.

Floor Polishing Services

Floor Sanding Services by Alamo Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding Services

Specialising in Oil, Water and Polyurethane based finishes. You can spare yourself from all the hassles by hiring Sydney floor sanding services that offer excellent results at a price you can afford.

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Floor Finishes

Alamo Floor Sanding has been in the industry for over 18 years, we have worked with all the available finishes in the industry, we offer excellent results at a price you can afford.

Waterbased coatings

Is a fast drying, non-yellowing and a highly durable finish. Besides the obvious benefits of drying in a couple of hours, allowing you to move into your home quicker, it also is non-toxic and has no strong odour which is beneficial for you and your family. Available in matte, semi-gloss and gloss finishes.

Solvent Based finishes

Such as Synteko Classic is a fast drying, two-component, acid-curing hardwood floor finish. It is based on modified amino and alkyd resins on a solvent mixture and has an amber colour which enhances the natural wood colours. Suitable for both residential and commercial areas, it is self-sealing and has a fast drying time which delivers an extremely durable, long lasting beautiful finish. Available in Matte, Satin and Gloss.

Oil finishes

There are a variety of oil finishes ranging from environmentally friendly and natural oil products, to Tung oil and then to the more durable Modified oil. Most come in 3 gloss levels ranging from Matte, Gloss and Semi-gloss.

Modified Oil

Is a slower drying oil type of finish with a high solid content which makes it more durable than regular Oils. Furthermore it is its own sealer only requiring two coats which offers extreme durability over traditional floor finishes.

Solvent based Polyurethane finish

It is the hardest wearing and least flexible finish (therefore not recommended on new floors) which comes as a single pack or two pack system. It has a strong odour when applied but provides extreme durability for high traffic areas. Available in Satin or Gloss and is the least costly finish.