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Alamo Floor Sanding & Polishing

With over 18 years experience, Alamo Floor Sanding is a trusted and professional one stop shop for all of your floor sanding, polishing and staining requirements.

Floor Polishing Services

Floor Sanding Services by Alamo Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding Services

Specialising in Oil, Water and Polyurethane based finishes. You can spare yourself from all the hassles by hiring Sydney floor sanding services that offer excellent results at a price you can afford.

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Wooden Floor Sanding & Polishing Equipment

Please note we do not hire out equipment

The drum floor sander

The drum sander is a large, heavy piece of machinery which requires skill and expertise to operate properly so there won’t be any unsightly marks left on the floor surface. In order to achieve the best possible result, we use the Galaxy 12-inch belt/drum sander. This machine is by far the most advanced in the floor sanding business today. Unlike conventional sanders, the Galaxy uses belts of sand paper or sanding belts in case sanding has to be repeated. While this sander can easily level most of the floor, there are instances when it is very cupped or uneven. In such cases, we pass the sander across the boards at 45 degree angles although this is only performed at the start then the normal sanding procedure continues along the boards so no marks and other traces of imperfections are left behind.

Rotary suction floor polisher

As for the rotary suction floor polisher, we use it to give the floor the best polish possible and to leave it very smooth before we start coating. We also use it for final sanding, first using sandpaper and then a finer screen back so the floor is ready to be vacuumed and coated.

The edge floor sander

The edge sander is the smallest of the three equipments. It is used to sand the corners and the tight spots which the drum sander cannot reach. It is a very versatile equipment which can also be used to sand on top of steps if they are too rough and uneven.

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